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scrapbook magazines organizationNew scrapbooking publications and magazines are coming out every month. From new titles to just the latest issue of the well-known magazines. It seems you can never have enough either. I have a subscription to three, not to mention there are a few I get for free because I write for them.

Are you surrounded by Scrapbook Magazines? Do they seem to be everywhere you look? On the kitchen table, the coffee table, next to your bed, by the bathtub, in your purse or diaper bag?

If you are anything like myself or the typical scrapbooker, you probably have magazines everywhere! In fairness, mine are contained and organized, I really did do that. I have them on a bookshelf sorted by magazine publication, then date. The problem is that often I am looking for an idea on a particular event, or information about a certain technique.

Staring at a bookshelf full of magazines doesn’t help much when you don’t know where to begin.

Since I’m in the process of a move, I decided to take this time to organize all of my magazines and idea books, and yes, even purge a few.

I began by first evaluating what I had. My issues went back as far as 1997, and let me just tell you that those issues from 1997 had some pretty bizarre looking layouts in them! I knew that in fairness I would never ever need anything out of those magazines, they were pretty much just fun to look at for a laugh. So I decided first that everything before 2004 had to go.

I donated some to our school, gave some to a friend of mine who really wanted the 1997 and 1998 magazines (she collects them), and the rest I just pitched. I work at a doctor’s office part time so I brought in some of the 2003 issues and we rotate them by season in there.

I will tell you that just by down-sizing that much I felt a huge relief. I had shelf room on my bookshelf and the shelves didn’t seem to be screaming out in pain as they were buckling from all the weight of the magazines.

After I purged those, I began browsing through the 2004 issues. Some of the layouts I really enjoyed and I found a few articles that were helpful to me. I cut out the ideas and glued them into a mini-album for inspiration, and tore out the articles I wanted and placed them in a 3-ring binder in a page protector.

Once I had torn out what I wanted and cut out the great layouts, I threw those away as well. What I had left was 2005 to the current issues. So I decided to do monthly maintenance. When a new scrapbook magazine comes in, I find the same issue from 2005. I go through it and tear out the articles and layouts that I like placing them in their respectful places. This keeps plenty of shelf room for other items, and also allows me the ease of sitting down with my binder or mini-album when creativity is at a standstill.

So if you find yourself swimming in scrapbook magazines and issues, consider taking some of my advice and get rid of some. It is difficult at first, but you will be so thankful that you did it.

Are there any places you have given your old issues?

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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