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Scrapbooking is all about special memories and times you cherish and want to hold onto forever. Most scrapbookers are very selective on the photos they choose down to the embellishments to bring about just the right emotion on a page. We want our pages to pop with life and evoke the same memory we had that day. You will see scrapbooking about babies, school years, weddings, and holidays. Yet, one can commemorate another life event through scrapbooking; death. This is not a morbid thought. It is a celebration of a loved one’s life and memories for all to share.

When a love one passes we grieve and struggle through the thoughts of no more new memories to come. This is a time to celebrate a life that touched your own in a special way. One beautiful way to celebrate such a life is through scrapbooking. This can bring joy to all those who knew this special person.

Ideas for a scrapbook memorial:

Begin before the person passes so you can include his or her personality from quotes or events.

Get stories and memories from family or friends to include in the book.

Begin from the person’s birth and go chronologically until the person’s death.

Include pages made by friends and family to bring a special touch to the book.

You may want to make it in digital form to easily give out to friends and family as a token of remembrance.

If you do not have good pictures of your loved one then gather any and all you can from friends and family to include in the book.

If you begin the scrapbook before the person’s passing bring it to the wake as a way to celebrate that person’s life. You may also want to provide a blank page for friends and family to write something special down about this person. This can help with healing and bring a sense of joy and gratefulness to all those who participate.

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