Scrapbook Organization: Magazines, Paper, Albums

Scrapbook Organization: Cube Shelving

As scrapbookers, we collect a lot of really fun things: paper, magazines, albums, embellishments, idea books, etc. All of these items could turn into overwhelming piles of scrapbook items unless it is organized.

Last year a saw a cube shelf at IKEA and I knew that I had to have it to organize may scrapbooking supplies. Each cube measure 13 X 113 inches and gives plenty of room to store almost any scrapbook “necessity.” This shelf retails for only $99. A friend and I were able to assemble it in about an hour.

When I organize, I like to think about things in sections. So before I started loading things onto my shelf, I made a plan. I knew that I wanted to store my magazine and idea books on the shelf as well as my cardstock and patterned paper. I designated specific cubes for each of these items so that they could all be grouped together.

IKEA also sells the black boxes on the third shelf down. The two boxes stack well in one cube. In one box I have stored all of my paint, brushes and paint trays. The other box holds all of the mini albums that I have picked up that are waiting to be used.

The brown, blue and pink envelope style boxes (purchased on QVC as parts of an awesome kit designed by Lisa Bearnson and Becky Higgins of Creating Keepsakes) store all of my handmade cards organized by genre as well as card that I have received so that I can use them to spark new ideas.

I grouped all of my ideas books together as well as storing my embellishment cases together.

The magazines are stored according to title (Memory Makers, Creating Keepsakes, Simple Scrapbooks, Scrapbook Answers) and then organize my date.

The cardstock is all stored on Display Dynamics acrylic 12 X 12 paper trays. This is the only part of my shelf organization that I want to change. It is hard to thumb through the cardstock and then pull out the piece I need without all of the other paper sliding out too. I recommend vertical paper storage. Cropper Hopper sells great vertical paper holder, but unfortunately, they are slightly too tall for the cubes. I’m still searching for something that is less than 13 inches tall.

Everything is now easy to find and I use it more now that I can find it without searching through piles.

Happy organizing!