Scrapbook Organization: Small Embellishments

Organization is a key to effective scrapbooking. It can definitely be an overwhelming task. I want to share one part of my scrapbook organization that has worked for me. I had drawers stuffed with small package of brad, eyelets, photo anchors, charms, buttons, paper flowers, etc. and it took a lot of my precious scrapbook time just to sift through the drawer in hopes that I would find what I was looking for. I’d had enough of the disorganization, so I came up with a plan.

Cropper Hopper had great storage solutions of me. I purchased their Medium Embellishment Essentials Organizer, which retails for $14.99. I also bought Cropper Hopper’s Mini Embellishment Essentials cases that retail for $3.99 for a pack of 12. The cases fit perfectly into the organizer.

Once I had my Cropper Hopper supplies, I laid all of my small embellishments out on the floor and put them into piles according to category (brads, eyelets, etc.) I opened each package and then filled one of the small cases and labeled it with the label that came with the case. I put each type of each embellishment in a separate case. For example, each color or type of brad was placed into it’s own case. That way when I needed a pink flower brad, I don’t need to sort through all of my flower brad to find a pink one.

Getting rid of the packaging for each product saved so much space. Another advantage to having all of the small embellishments in one place is that it is portable and easy to take to a crop.

If you want a slightly less expensive option, you could pick a tackle box or an organizer from a hardware store and just fill each section of that container with your embellishments.

Hope this organization tip will help you spend more time scrapping and less time hunting for the hidden embellishment that you know you have, but just can’t find.