Scrapbook Room Envy

Recently I had the privilege of visiting with a friend and checking out her phenomenal scrapbook room. When I asked here where she got the ideas, how she found certain organizational and storage methods and how it all came together, you might be really surprised.

She had spent a very long time scouring other people’s scrap areas, paying close attention to what appeared to work, and also what appeared not to work. I have to admit that many of the ideas for organization and storage that I utilize have been gleaned by others as well.

Here are some great locations to find some serious scrap areas that might cause you to rethink everything you’ve already done. Caution: I am not responsible for any drooling or coveting that occurs due to viewing these scrap rooms!

Creating Keepsakes Scrap Room Readers Gallery – This is a great place to check out people’s scrap areas. Sometimes I think though, that only the people who have huge rooms to play with, post their pictures here.

ScrapJazz Scrapbooking Rooms – This is honestly one of my favorite sites for getting ideas for my scrap room. There are all sorts of great pictures from regular gals just like you and I.

Scrapbooking Rooms at Creating Keepsakes Magazine – This is another Creating Keepsakes addition. This is found in the magazine section and has about 12 pages of scrap rooms to look at.

I Dream of Scrapping Scrap Rooms Gallery – Another terrific site to find great organization and storage photographs to help you enhance your scrap area and get creative!

Scrapbook Dreamer Gallery – This is the last one I will share today, but this awesome gallery has loads of photographs showing all types of storage, scrapbook rooms and other photographs.

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