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Do you remember the Oprah episode, which featured a lady getting her dream home makeover? It was prior to the debut of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The results were not as ostentatious as ones you see now; however, this particular makeover caused quite a stir because it included a scrapbooking room. An entire room dedicated solely to the homeowner’s passion for scrapping. Oprah and her audience could barely keep it together after the reveal. The oohs and aahs were deafening. No one could believe that a home could feature such a luxurious space for a simple hobby.

Of course, that show aired years and years ago. These days homes are built with man caves and mom caves, many of which do double-duty as scrapbook or craft rooms (as least for the mom caves). Gone are the days when a gal was lucky to get a little corner of the basement, or maybe a closet, to store her scrapping supplies.

I have always dreamed of having my very own scrapbooking room. A space devoted exclusively to my scrapbook projects; those in progress and those that are still being finalized in my mind. A scrapbook sanctuary that is all mine; a place where I can escape from the chaos of everyday life and get lost designing a detailed layout.

For many scrappers (like me) the idea of having an entire room to spread out supplies, tools and books is a puppy and unicorn-laced dream that won’t come to fruition unless we win the lottery or land a spot on Oprah. However, just because you can’t claim an entire room for your scrapbooking materials, doesn’t mean you should give up on the dream. While you wait for your Powerball numbers to get picked, add a decent-looking storage piece, such as an armoire to your living room, bedroom or den to create a crafting corner. Another option is to set-up a table in the basement or family room, so you can work on your layouts while your kids are busy with their own activities.

Where do you scrap?

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