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Next week, my soon-to-be third grader will visit the salon to get her annual back-to-school haircut. Nothing drastic; the hair stylist will simply clean-up her existing bob. I’m not anticipating any tears, though you never know with my scissors-fearing kid.

This is a child, who has never once felt the sting of a wayward clipper, blade or stylist’s fingernail, but freaks out whenever we enter a hair salon.

It’s been this way for years; however, she’s gotten a lot better in the last 18 months. Still, if you look through old scrapbooks documenting my daughter’s visits to get her hair professionally cut, you’ll notice a highly visible trend in the layouts: Every photo depicts a crying kid.

The “before” shots, the “after” shots and all of the ones in between-—tears, tears and more tears. When she cried during her first haircut at a place called “Snips and Giggles” I laughed it off and didn’t think twice about featuring the photos in her baby memory album. It wasn’t until I had obtained a collection of cry shots that I thought twice about displaying them in subsequent layouts. It took urging by my sister-in-law to get me to see the humor in the photos and play up my daughter’s dramatic moments in the hair salon.

Now, I have at least five pages worth of hair-themed layouts in different scrapbooks that I can’t wait to show my future grandchildren. I wonder how they will react when they see photos of their mom wailing because she didn’t want the hairstylist to trim her bangs and get wisps of her baby fine mane in her mouth.

If you are looking to enhance a back-to-school scrapbook or simply want to document a major hairstyle change, consider snapping before and after photos, and then arrange them on background paper featuring colors that highlight the person’s tresses. You could also experiment with textured paper to give the page design added pizzazz. For example, shiny, silky or softly textured paper makes a great background for stickers in the shape of scissors, hairspray bottles, hairdryers, and combs. Finally, don’t forget to include metallic silver, gold or copper-colored papers, which can be layered to create dimensional embellishments.

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