Scrapbook Tools: Paper Trimmers and Adhesive

Favorite Things: Paper Trimmer and Adhesive

Do you have scrapbook items that you just wouldn’t be able to go without? I’m sure that we all do. Two of my most used items are my Flacon Paper Trimmer and my Hermafix Tab Dispenser. I would like to share what I love about each of these products.

I own several and have tried many paper trimmers, but just keep coming back to the first paper trimmer I started scrapbooking with: the Falcon / Marshall 14″ Personal Size Paper Cutter. It is designed so that you can clearly see where your cut line will be. It has an easy to lift arm where paper slides under without a problem. The cutting length is 14 inches; so cutting 12 X 12 paper is easy. The replacement blades are easy to find, inexpensive, standard single edge razor blades. A couple of things that someone would need to get used to are that the blade only works when pulling it toward you, rather than the back a forth blades that many trimmer have and it also doesn’t have a fold out ruler. The trimmer base measures out to 3.5 inches, so beyond that I just use my own ruler. I like that it is lightweight and small enough to be very portable.

Another one of my favorite scrapbook items is my blue Hermafix Tab Dispenser. It comes with 1000 self-adhesive, permanent tabs. I just roll one tab out per corner on a picture, photo mat or embellishment and then stick it to the page. Although the tabs are supposed to be permanent, I am able to usually pull them up and rearrange things without tearing the paper. This is good for me since I usually like to move things around after thinking about it for a few days. The dispenser comes in several fun colors: blue, purple, pink, black, yellow, and green. It retails for $13, but can be found for a discount price at many of the online scrapbook stores. Refill tabs are also available and it is very easy to load the new tabs into the dispenser. The refills retail for $7.00. For me, each refill lasts several few weeks, and I do a lot of scrapbooking.

These two tools make scrapbooking so much easier for me because of their easy to use design. I never work on a project without them. Happy scrapping!