Scrapbookers Block

We have all heard of writers block. I have been known to suffer from it myself. Less known is what I call scrapbookers block. It’s similar to writers block. You are ready to scrapbook. You have all of your pictures and supplies out, ready to go, but then suddenly you are stuck. Now what? You have absolutely no idea how to go about creating your page.

Perhaps you have been stuck in a pattern where every page or album looks pretty much the same, with only the colors being different. You are tired of putting together simple pages. But you seem to be lacking the creative juices to come up with something different.

I definitely lose my creativity when it comes to scrapbooking. Some of my scrapbooks, at least in my eyes, are pretty boring. You can always allow the creativity of others to help fuel some ideas. All you have to do is Google some phrases such as: scrapbook ideas, scrapbooking layouts, or scrapbooking layouts and ideas. Suddenly you have page after page of ideas that you can take from.

You don’t have to necessarily directly copy the idea. But it can give you a general sense of a new way to create a page. Sometimes I have been known to see an idea that sparks an entirely new creative idea inside my head. No more sitting there at the table with an empty page before me as I waste time trying to conjure up something in my own mind. Take advantage of the opportunity to glean from the creativity of others.

You may even wish to prepare ahead of time by first looking up some ideas and then figuring out from there if you need to purchase specific supplies or paper. It’s no use to find ideas that you love but then don’t have the supplies to create them. So a little preplanning might be a good idea.

Don’t let scrapbookers block get the best of you. With a little research, you will be on your way to a better scrapbook!

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