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I’m not referring to radical layouts or zany embellishments. Rather, have you considered broadening your creative horizons by attending a scrapbooking trade show?

I recently received an email listing a number of scrapbook trade shows that will be offered in my neck of the woods this summer. These organized events are incredible places to network, especially for individuals who currently have or are thinking of running a scrapbook business.

Interestingly, most scrappers don’t realize that not all trade shows shun the general public. Granted, most require you to be a registered member of the trade organization or have a valid business license; however, in some cases you can gain entry by simply blogging about scrapbooking, entering contests or obtaining an invitation from a scrapbook shop owner or trade publication.

Highlights of scrapbook trade shows include:

*Being the first to view and experiment with the latest scrapbooking merchandise

*Learning about industry trends

*Attending seminars and workshops featuring the nation’s top scrapbooking gurus

*Networking with fellow scrapbooking fans

*Scoring free products

*Obtaining an assortment of catalogs, brochures, flyers, and product order forms

Craft and Hobby Association runs one of the most popular trade shows. It typically gathers more than 5,000 exhibitors under the same roof and offers a slew of product seminars, workshops and demos during the course of a weekend. The sheer magnitude of this trade show makes it a bit daunting for first-time visitors. However, if you plan carefully, you can make the most of your time there. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes as you will be covering a lot of ground. Also, bring along a pen and paper to take notes, as well as a bottle of water to keep hydrated while on your feet. If you have business cards, bring twice as many as you think you’ll need. Finally, bring along preprinted address labels so you don’t have to repeatedly write down your contact information when entering raffles or adding your name to mailing lists.

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