Scrapbooking Apparel

Have you noticed yet that Christmas is truly around the corner. As of today you only have 77 days until Christmas to shop. It sure seems like plenty of time, but you know how fast it will creep up on you. For me, once we past the 100 days left until Christmas, I start to really notice how fast it comes up, and I get started on my Christmas shopping.

Do you have a scrapbooker in your life? It could be your sister, your wife, your mother, your daughter – a teenager, an adult – any age. If you do, and you plan to get them a gift this year, why not get them something that expresses their love for their favorite hobby – scrapbooking apparel. Scrapbooking apparel is available for all ages, sizes and genders. There are dozens of places to find cute stuff, and here is just a small sampling.

Scrapbook Girl
– I was sold on this company from the moment their page loaded and a large group of both adults and children appeared wearing some of the cutest pajamas ever! But they definitely go beyond pj’s offering t-shirts, sweats, polo shirts, tanks, hoodies and plenty of other adorable accessories that are produced just for that special someone who scrapbooks.

Scrapbooking Obsession – They are constantly adding new designs, finding new apparel to fit in with the current trends and have really good prices to boot! It would be pretty easy to find something to show off your scrapbooking obsession!

Scrapbook Apparel – This scrapbooking apparel company has everything from shirts and sweats to hats and jackets. There are plenty of designs to choose from that appears to be of good quality. Prices seem just a bit steeper than many other places, causing me to wonder if that is because the designs are embroidered on the items. Cute stuff!

Scrappin’ Boot Camp – This company has plenty of different t-shirt designs that are all pretty cute and some are even nice enough to wear as a normal everyday shirt. I love their patriotic designs – very nice!

Grass Meyer Designs – A little bit different than your typical scrapbooking apparel companies, you get to select colors, sizes and apparel that the logos go on. You can even place bulk orders for groups and they are all really nice designs.

Scrapbooking Apparel – This company has some adorable designs that I would be proud to wear to show off my love of scrapbooking. Cute designs and great prices.

The Scrap Shoppe – Wow! They have LOADS of designs available on all kinds of different merchandise. There is no way you couldn’t find something that would fit the scrapbooker in your life!

Quick Disclaimer: I do not own anything from any of these shops. I found them while looking around making out my own Christmas Wish List. If I happen to get anything from any of these companies, I will definitely write about a real product review for them.

If you want to order from a company I have actual product purchasing experience with, then check out Yellow Fence which I featured in this article.

More great gift ideas coming soon!!