Scrapbooking around the House

I’m a firm believer in using what you have, and scrapping what you love. I’m a Scrabble addict. Those of you who see me logged on at 2 a.m. are more than likely seeing me playing a game at the Internet Scrabble Club. I love words, and anything to do with them. My wise mother got us started on the game when we were young, and most of us have continued with it. It’s a vocabulary builder and it’s a strategy game. There is some luck involved, but it’s mostly skill. It’s something the whole family can enjoy; well, except my dad. He once had a stellar game where he broke 500 points and put us all to shame. He won’t play any more, preferring to rest on his laurels. Finding Scrabble paper at my local scrapbook store was a real joy, and I knew I needed to find a way to use it!

There’s so much going on the page already that I knew that the embellishments needed to be simple. I decided to follow the page. The tiles are from an old game that was in the give-to-the-thrift-shop pile. They won’t miss it. It’s a two-page spread with a little play on words. I cut out some letters from the corresponding Scrabble paper so that the first page reads “In a word”, then some words that describe dh “one, true, love, soulmate” in a typical Scrabble pattern. On the second page is “You are my everything”. The actual Scrabble tiles spell out “”IN A WORD” and “EVERYTHING” so it’s “In a word, everything.”

For the matting, I used the same colors as on the bonus squares. On one page, I used silly scissors so the edges would look like the squares. On the other, I left them straight. I used some metal sayings that were leftover from another pack, and some silver thread that came off a hideous shirt that someone gave us (great buttons, though!). Total cost for this two-page spread was a whopping $1.77 (.59 x 3 for the Scrabble pages).

What around-the-house items have you used in clever ways?