Scrapbooking Basic Storage Methods

Basic storage is important for better scrapbooking results. Having your basic items at your reach, or stored in areas where they can be immediately accessible while you are creating a layout, is extremely beneficial. It can make for a much more productive crop time. However, dishing out loads of money when you are just getting started can seem like a waste. There are several options.

Totes/Wheeled Carts

A tote or wheeled cart is a terrific option when you are just starting out. If you don’t have a ton of supplies, they can hold all of your items easily. And the best part is, even if you expand and grow beyond the wheeled cart or tote, you can use it for crops, workshops and classes. They can be costly though. Prices range from about $20.00 to more than $100 for the larger brand name models. It is a wise investment if you think you will be scrapbooking for awhile.

Plastic Box Storage

Another great way to store things is by gathering them individually and sorting them into plastic storage boxes. They come in a variety of sizes from tiny, to shoe box to as large as under the bed storage boxes. These are handy because they allow you to see inside them without having to pull the lids off. And they can be stacked neatly, the smaller boxes fit right on a shelf.

Scrapbook Supply Specific Storage

Many people rely on the Target Cubes for Paper storage or they go out and purchase paper trays from an office supply store. They might purchase one of the many storage options available in scrapbook and craft stores. This is fine too, just remember that there is always a cheaper alternative. Some of the frequently used scrapbook specific storage options available are the same found elsewhere used for another item. For instance, scrapbookers are offered a spinning tool holder that goes on the table. It retails for about $30 or so. At discount chains, while browsing the kitchen aisle, you can choose from many of the exact same things that hold utensils for only $10-$20.

No matter what type of storage you desire, remember that as you are getting started, storage need not be elaborate or cost a lot. You can add things as you go, just as you grow in your scrapbooking.

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