Scrapbooking Blog Introductions

Hi! My name is Crystal and I have the pleasure of sharing two of my greatest passions with you – my family and scrapbooking – on the scrapbooking blog. I’ve been avidly scrapbooking since 2000 documenting my amazing husband and two adorable daughters.

I love learning new techniques and sharing them with others. One of my closest friends, Lisa, is my partner on the blog. We have been friends since 2000 as well. Our husbands went to grade school, junior high and high school together. They were reunited while tending our respective daughters, who are 3 months apart, during a church service. Ever since then we have become very close friends – isn’t it amazing how those things happen!

Lisa and I started Adoption Creations, LLC a little over two years ago to bring quality craft “creations” into the adoption space. We have created cards, downloadable baby books, jewelry, etc. and have had a lot of fun doing it! Adoption Creations helped pass the time for me while I was dealing with a serious mystery illness. Lisa would bring her kids over and sit with me for hours while we worked on our projects. Good friendships really do last through anything.

We just recently started working on a new company focusing on doing monthly kits. I’ll share more about that as it is closer to release. We are having blast doing our research for products and the best embellishments to make cute, quick pages.

I look forward to sharing with each of you the many different happenings of the scrapbook world, the coolest tools and gadgets, techniques, favorites and how to capture those priceless moments. I also look forward to answering any question you might have regarding scrapbooking. Please feel free to email me or contact me through the blog if you have any questions or areas of scrapbooking you would like explored! Have a great day!