Scrapbooking Blog Month in Review – October 2008

It hardly seems plausible that October is over and we are now staring ahead into November. Before I blink again, I am afraid Christmas will be here and I won’t know where the time went. Before you get all wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, be sure to check out what happened in the scrapbooking blog last month. I’d also like to encourage you to come back and visit frequently in the upcoming weeks for great gift ideas, new products and of course plenty of project ideas and other great scrapbooking related information.

Here’s what happened last month:

September 2008 Scrapbooking Month in Review

Did you know that the month of September was actually National Stamping Month, and that National Stamping Day fell which after a bit of research, I am find actually started with Close to My Heart, a home-based scrapbooking and stamping business.

Stretching Your Papers

It is a proven fact that most scrapbookers seem to have a pretty nice sized stash of paper. This could be because papers are a huge part of the art of scrapbooking. However, it could just be because there are so many beautiful papers out there that we love to use in our albums.

Time Saving Scrapbooking Tips for the Busy Holiday Season

That magical time of year is quickly approaching and as each day passes, we become busier and busier in our everyday lives. Watching some of the tree’s change already, has brought me to the conclusion that if we blink, we might just miss it.

Tools That Make Scrapbooking Easier

It seems like every time we turn around a new scrapbook tool is released and it is designed to make scrapbooking easier. Tools that make embellishing easier, cutting easier, adhering your pieces easier and much more, seem to come out in large numbers daily.

Making Your Own Christmas Cards: Decorating and Embellishing

By now you have decided to make your own cards this year for Christmas, and all that’s required is some time, cardstock and whatever you choose to embellish with.

Making Your Own Christmas Cards: Getting Started

Creating your own Christmas cards is a great way to put a personal touch on your yearly mail out. Find out how to get started on the path to making your own special greetings this year.

I Found a Scrapbooking Video Game!

I thought that headline might catch your attention. I actually did find a scrapbooking video game and was quite surprised at how addicting it is. It’s a lot like my scrapbooking hobby that I am addicted to. The game is actually quite fun.

Using Scraps for Making Cards

You don’t have to waste your scraps of paper or try to figure out a way to work them into your layouts. Now you can just create some cute cards to give your friends and family and use up those paper scraps. So you aren’t wasting a thing.

Making Your Own Embellishment

One of my favorite ways to add my own creativity to a layout, is to create my very own embellishments out of things I have on hand. I am always on the lookout for products at a craft store that can be changed up and used on my layouts in new ways. This particular embellishment is an example of that.

Scrapbooking Apparel

Have you noticed yet that Christmas is truly around the corner. As of today you only have 77 days until Christmas to shop. It sure seems like plenty of time, but you know how fast it will creep up on you.

Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies from the Kitchen 1

Awhile back I wrote a two part article on finding cheap scrapbooking supplies in the bathroom. I got a lot of mail from that article from scrapbookers who thought it was cool to find things like that in the bathroom.