Scrapbooking Blog Week in Review April 2nd – April 8th

It’s been a busy week in the scrapbooking blog, as we focused on different creative aspects. We’ve been a bit scattered in our week in review’s for quite sometime, but we are back in full force, and will be here every Monday to help you review what has gone on in the previous week. Our goal is to help you learn about scrapbooking, current and past techniques, beginner and advanced activities, as well as creating beautiful layouts and capturing your memories.

Monday April 2nd

Monday kicked off with Scrapbooking: Setting the Mood With Color (2), which was a continuation of Scrapbooking: Setting the Mood with Color (1). The article focused on the moods and emotions that different colors can evoke. In addition, in Easter Pictures for Scrapbooking, there were some great tips on capturing your memories of the Easter holiday.

Tuesday April 3rd

In Scrapbooking Color Terminology, you learned the basic terms for working with different colors, and what it means when someone refers to a secondary color, or a complimentary color.

Wednesday April 4th

Seasonal Color for Scrapbooking couldn’t have come and a more opportune time. With Spring slowly coming in, the article references the colors that coordinate with certain seasons.

Thursday April 5th

With all the focus on color lately, 8 Basic Scrapbooking Color Tips, was a nice summarized article of tips to help you create beautiful layouts, using color.

Friday April 6th

For a fun change of pace, Decorate Easter Eggs With Scrapbooking Supplies, came just in the nick of time. Facing a weekend of Easter activities, this gave some simple suggestions on using up some supplies and having fun at the same time.

Saturday April 7th

Did you know the month of April is National Poetry month? Scrapbooking Your Poetry gave some hints, tips and suggestions for scrapbooking your writing and poetry.

Sunday, April 8th

One of my favorite tools for scrapbooking and even just plain crafting, is my light box. Creating Your Own Light Box For Scrapbooking is simple, and you can do it for little or no money.

Watch the scrapbooking blog this week for a follow-up article on using your light box, as well as several other fun and creative tips and idea.

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