Scrapbooking Blogs: Creating Content

After completing all the information in the previous article, about getting started with your own scrapbooking blog, you are finally ready to concentrate on your content. The content you choose is extremely important to keep your readership levels up and to keep people coming back for more.

Obviously your content should reflect your scrapbook blog’s title. For instance, if you called it something like Scrapbooking Punch Overload, I would assume at first glance at the title, that the blog was about primarily paper punching or creating punch art. Or if you called it Snips of Paper, it would have a broader content.

So what should you put on your scrapbooking blog?

I would recommend that the subject matter be something that you are both interested in, and also knowledgeable about. If you plan to discuss different techniques, then I suggest that you be good at the technique, show examples and be clear in your directions.

What you actually write comes from you. You might wish to be very conversational in your approach, or you might wish to write your posts more like articles. You might wish to just post pictures of your layouts, and that is okay too. You might wish to have a place to store your journaling for your layouts. Again, this is okay, however it might not bring the most people to your site.

When I had a fully active scrapbooking blog, now since retired, I had something I did differently each day of the week. I had a day of the week which I wrote product reviews, I had a day of the week where I posted a layout on a certain theme, I had a day of the week where I showed how to use a new product, I had a day where I used a new technique, I had a day of the week for sharing poems or quotes I had found, and I had days where I did nothing, or I strayed completely and might have shown how to make some type of altered project or a handmade card.

The content you create is yours, and yours alone. Whatever you choose to write about in your scrapbooking blog, should be something that interests you, that would interest other people. To get ideas for your own blog, you might even wish to browse around to others scrapbooking blogs and see what they are doing. You might find one you enjoy coming back to over and over again. Have fun!

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