Scrapbooking Blogs: Getting Started

Scrapbooking has taken itself to a new level of technology with digital scrapbooking. After digital scrapbooking, blogging became the new thing. While a blog can be a type of online scrapbook, it is primarily used to share information with others. You must be reading this because you want to start your own scrapbooking blog.

How do I start my own scrapbooking blog?

The first thing you have to consider, is if you have the finances to own your own website domain title. If you want to go about it this route, you will need to find a domain name that isn’t taken, register it, and then find a company to host it. Searching for these types of services is sure to net you a great deal of companies to choose from. Prices tend to be competitive, so do your homework and research first, before committing to any particular company. After you register and have your domain hosted, you will need to select the platform or program you plan to use. I suggest WordPress because of the ease of use, the ability to find free templates to use, and the support that is offered with the program.

If you decide not to host your own blog, on your own domain, you will need to find a service that provides blogs. There are dozens of free blog services out there, including a free wordpress account on their server.

Although there is much more information I could provide, on starting your own blog, I will leave that to the computer guru’s out there, and/or you can find the information here in our Computing Blog.

Once you have completed all the technical website stuff, you can move onto more exciting things, like naming your blog.

Get creative with your words. My personal blog is called Scribbles ‘N Scraps, however partially because it is much more than a scrapbooking blog, it is more like a hodge podge of scribbles and scraps of my life. You could find a title like: The Croppers Companion, or A Scrap of Life, or whatever you find to be clever or witty. You could also just title it scrapbooking, though I will promise you will have more visitor’s with a catchier title.

For more information on blogging, hosting, or registering domains, visit the Computing Blog here at

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