Scrapbooking Direct Sales Companies

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to work from home doing something you absolutely love to do? Many scrapbooker’s dream of the day they could retire from the everyday nitty gritty of a full time job and devote all their time to their passion. There are dozens of ways to make money with your love of scrapbooking.

Direct sales companies are a popular home business to start up. These work well because typically they require a small start up fee for a kit. The kits typically include sample products, start up materials, business manuals and information and other useful items.

I will try and go more in depth with the opportunities these different companies provide you in the upcoming weeks, but for now you can research as much as you can on each individual site.

Creative Memories – They’ve been around a very long time, and have finally arrived with the times. This opportunity is for both traditional paper scrapbookers and the new digital scrapbookers. Primarily scrapbooking and supplies.

Memory Works – Becoming a consultant with this company affords you the luxury of getting some of the best products from the top manufacturers in the industry. They carry some of the most popular product lines. Traditional Paper Scrapbooking.

AC Bailey – A newer direct sales company which offers both a hobbyist and a consultant program. Primarily scrapbooking and supplies.

Close to My Heart – One of the most established companies and a leader in the scrapbooking industry, Close to My Heart offers both hobbyist and consultant opportunities. Scrapbooking, card making, stamping and all supplies.

Stampin’ Up – Another multi-hobby company who has make a name in the paper crafts industry. They offer both a hobbyist and a consultant opportunity, and are a mostly stamping company, but also carry some scrapbooking supplies.

I Remember When – They just recently merged with Xyron and carry all types of products with a heavy emphasis on Xyron related items. Great selection of scrapbooking supplies offered.

My Creative Life – This one is probably one of the newest home business opportunities, and one that I know very little about. From what I could find out, My Creative Life offers you four discount levels and those discounts range from 10% to 25% based on your level of performance. They carry a unique variety of products, but are mostly scrapbooking related.

Heritage Makers – They offer a unique twist on digital scrapbooking. They offer an online publishing process which then turns your pages, pictures and stories into a custom hardbound book and several other types of projects. All digital.

Cherish Bound – Quite similar to Heritage Makers, this is another company that helps tell stories and turn them into a hardback book. Mostly digital scrapbooking related output, however they also offer plenty of products that help get you journaling and telling the story behind all the memories.

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