Scrapbooking: Do the Prep Work

Taking care of some simple preparation activies before you sit down to scrapbook can save you a lot of time. Here are a few ways that I have found time to keep scrapbooking an ongoing thing in my life. A lot of the behind the scenes activities related to scrapbooking need to be completed before you even sit down to create a layout. Here are a few activities you can work on so that when you are ready to scrapbook, you will be ready to complete layouts rather than just sort through things.

1. Sort digital photos. If you take digital photos, you can upload and sort through your photos when you have a few extra minutes.

2. Keep a journal or notebook handy. This is a great place to write down layout ideas, journaling for a layout or draw sketches. The great thing about having a notebook is that you can use it while you sit on the couch with your kids while they watch a movie or write in it while you are waiting for a doctor’s appointment. I know my kids can because suddenly extremely needy if I sit down at my scrapbook table, but when sitting with then while they are play, they don’t seem to mind if I’m writing in my notebook.

3. Sort through printed photos while watching a movie. I love to multi task! It is great to be able to enjoy a favorite movie while sorting photos. I like to put them into page protectors in my albums where I plan on putting the finished layout.

4. Organize your ribbon stash. If your ribbons are organized, then it will save time when you are looking for something to coordinate on your layout later on.

If you can get a lot of this prep work taken care of while you have a few extra minutes here and there, it will help your scrapbooking time be much more efficient.

What other prep work activities do you like to do before you sit down to scrapbook?