Scrapbooking Finds At A Non-Scrapbooking Store

Sometimes a store that isn’t an actual scrapbook store, is a great place to shop for materials and supplies for your scrapbooks.
Some stores actually carry items that are made for scrapbooking. And some stores carry items that aren’t made for scrapbooking but could be used for scrapbooking.
Here is a nice list of places to look for scrapbooking supplies besides the norm.


Not only does Target have a scrapbooking section, they also have a dollar spot section in the front of the store. The dollar spot area is where they clearance off a lot of scrapbooking related supplies. They also have party supplies and other items that would be perfect used in a scrapbook. Several weeks back I purchased an entire alphabet stamp set from the dollar spot. Cute font and great stamp set and the cost was half of what a new set would have been. In the scrapbook section at Target are several Target exclusive items in addition to several items by K&Co. In addition be sure to check out the card, and gift wrap aisle, as often I see many interesting items that can be used for scrapbooking such as 3-D stickers and embellishments. From my travels to various stores, I have learned that all stores are different. Some Targets have these gigantic scrapbook sections that are beautiful and easy to navigate, while other’s seem to have just thrown their scrapbook stuff down and aisle and hoped it looked pretty. Regardless of what it looks like, there are some seriously budget friendly supplies to be found at Target!


This is another one of those iffy stores. I have found that certain Walmart stores in my area have really poorly stocked scrapbooking area’s. But then there are the chosen few that have tons of great stuff. Many well known scrapbook brands are offered in addition to a lesser known Walmart exclusive brand that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Of course, while you’re at Walmart, be sure and check out their craft section because you can find many fun embellishments that might not have actually been created for scrapbooking and don’t forget the ribbon and button area!

Tomorrow I have three other locations to explore and discover the treasures within, to add to your scrapbook layouts! Please check out the scrapbooking blog to find more great ideas!