Scrapbooking for Cheapskates

Don’t be offended by the title. I happen to wear my “cheapskate” badge with honor. Call it what you want: frugal, creative, selective, whatever. The point is there is a way to stick to your budget even if you are addictive to scrapbooking.

One of the best ways to save money scrapbooking is to think outside of the box. Sure, it is easy to run to your local scrapbook supply shop when you’re in need of embellishments for your layouts, but often you can find dirt cheap alternatives in your own home.

Some ideas include:

*Recycling bows and ribbons from gifts you’ve received throughout the year

*Re-purposing buttons and pockets from old shirts and pants

*Using stickers that come in cereal boxes or junk mail

*Using fabric scraps from previous sewing projects

*Making flower embellishments from old tissue paper

*Collecting charms, beads or other gems from broken jewelry and using them to enhance layouts

*Cutting lace trim from a dress, tablecloth or handkerchief and adding it to a pretty page design

I am all about breathing new life into ordinary items for the sake of scrapbooking; however, it is very important to carefully consider the types of objects you plan to add to your layouts. Some supplies may not be acid-free and could compromise the archival safety of your design. You could invest in a pH pen and use it to test questionable objects. Otherwise, when in doubt, leave the item out.

Another way for cheapskate scrappers to pad their wallets while they are fattening their memory books is to look for sales. Nine times out of ten I only purchase new supplies at a scrapbook supply shop if they are on sale. Look for buy one, get one free sales or special promotions, such as earn $25 in store credit for every $100 you spend. I am also a big fan of store punch cards, which provide free items or deep discounts after you fill up the card.

What are your favorite ways to save?

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