Scrapbooking Fun With Bottle Caps

scrapbooking with bottle caps Bottle caps are so much fun to use on your scrapbook layouts and card projects. In fact, they are actually pretty fun to use anywhere. I recently discovered them and have been having a blast. I actually save all the bottle caps I can find and after cleaning them really well, I can use them on my pages. I had no idea that collecting bottle caps could be so much fun.

However, you can also purchase blank, colored bottle caps from the scrapbook store that are wonderful to work with as well. I’ve noticed that bottle caps seem to be used for all sorts of projects from belts and purses, to jewelry and lots more. In the scrapbook world they seem to be not only on layouts, but on altered items like paint cans and clipboards as well.

The bottle caps that you are seeing on most scrapbook projects come in a wide array of colors. They are typically unused, real bottle caps.
Many people prefer to flatten the bottle cap before using it. You can do this by using your Sizzix machine or just using a hammer or mallet. I recommend before using a mallet or hammer to place a piece of fabric over the bottle cap to keep scratches off the surface from the impact.

Blank bottle caps can be used as is, or they can be decorated using pictures, punches, stickers or anything else you can imagine. The size of the bottle cap makes using a 1” circle punch, the perfect choice when fitting to size. It also works best if you use double sided tape with these to ensure the items stay adhered.

Attaching bottle caps is easy as well. Most people like using pop-dots or double sided tape; however I prefer a glue gun or something similar. Especially when using the bottle caps un-flattened.

Bottle caps are fun and easy to work with! They give your layouts the latest unique touch and add some depth to your pages.