Scrapbooking in the Preschool Classroom: A Few Tips to Get You Started

Teaching scrapbooking in the classroom is loads of fun. Depending on the age group, it can even tie into the curriculum. With a preschool classroom, it is mainly just a fun way to incorporate a new form or art, and keep it ongoing. There are a few things you should remember before putting it all out in front of them and having them go to town.

  • Children that are preschool age should be allowed total freedom to create. If they glue a punchie on an upside down photograph, that’s okay. At this age, they are learning dexterity skills, and their motor development is at varying stages. Allow them to do whatever they want, in whatever way they want, unless of course its bound to hurt them somehow. (such as holding the scissors wrong).
  • Requesting classroom helpers is not unheard of, and you might be surprised at how many parents would love the chance to come up and help with this type of project. First, they will love that their children are being exposed to something like this, and two, they like being able to see whats being made and third, I doubt this one will wind up in the trash! Helpers can make sure children are cutting properly, gluing pictures down so they will stick and just generally be there to field questions or help if a child asks.
  • There is no need for albums. You can have the children create a cover, and then punch holes for a spiral binding, or else just punch three holes and attach rings or string through them.
  • If you can request donations, do it. See if parents can donate stickers, used postage stamps, clip art, buttons, fabric pieces, sequins, die cuts, paper or anything else that would help create these masterpieces. Getting the parents involved is not really that tough. You would be surprised!
  • Try to take one class photograph each month during the school year, and get a copy printed for each student. We tried to do them themed. We might do them with a project they had (for instance paper bag pumpkins) or we took them all out in the snow for a five minute quick photo. It’s fun for parents to see how much they change.

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