Scrapbooking In The Valentine’s Day Aisle

I’ve had the opportunity to browse two discount chains’ Valentine’s Day sections in the past couple of days. Being a scrapbooker, I am always on the lookout for bargains and supplies that weren’t necessarily intended for scrapbooking, yet could still make a layout something special. Lately, I was able to find several items, that were just perfect for scrapbooking. So here are a few ideas, to get your creative juices flowing. Remember, these items can be used year round, and do not necessarily only have to be used for Valentine’s Day.

Greeting Cards

This is probably the most obvious. Even at the dollar store (where a greeting card is…only one dollar), they have adorable greeting cards that depict children and animals, poems that might be perfect for a layout you are doing. They aren’t that different than the price for some of those transparencies people are buying with poetry on them, and they are pre-decorated. If they say something on them like “For the One I love” or “Dear Granddaughter” just trim that part off. Poems, cute pictures and much more can be found by using greeting cards to scrapbook with.


At Valentine’s Day time, there seems to be an abundance of ribbons everywhere. Not that perhaps other times of year aren’t the same, but I have noticed a lot of them almost everywhere I go. Some are solids, some are colored, some have hearts or X’s and O’s, but all are relatively inexpensive. Stock up on a few decorated ribbons at this time of year. Also, keep in mind that there are more choices at holiday time for certain types of ribbons you can purchase by the yard. Now would be a good time to run to the fabric store, or anywhere else you like to purchase ribbon and get some.

Party Bag, Gift Bags and Wrapping Paper Embellishments

I have noticed a trend in the gift bag aisle. They seem to be selling a lot of “Design Your Own”, which has been terrific for me, because the embellishments for the gift bags, are PERFECT for my own scrapbook pages. After Christmas, I was able to get almost a dozen different gift bags (already embellished), for less than $3.00. Those embellishments will look great on my Christmas pages. I intend to do the same for Valentine’s Day and all other holidays that follow.

The Candy Aisle

Normally I wouldn’t recommend the candy aisle, however when I took a walk down the aisle, I was delighted to see several adorable wrappers, which I thought would be very cool for a scrapbook page. Some have little quotes and saying on them, and some are just pink with white or red hearts. The way I look at the candy wrappers is how much different are they, than the clothing tags we put in our albums! And hey, you get candy with them!


I have been a sticker addict since I was a young child. I have hundreds of Valentine’s Day stickers from when I was ten! Browsing the aisles now, I see much has changed, but they are still selling them. These stickers can be incorporated into your scrapbook albums like any other sticker. They might just make your whole page.

If you have any other cute ideas for supplies found in the Valentine’s Day aisle at any of your stores, please share with us!

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