Scrapbooking is a Lifestyle

Scrapbooking is a Lifestyle

Once you become a scrapbooker, it seems that you start to look at life a little differently. Some things just are not the same once you start to scrapbook. I would love to share a few of my observations about scrapbookers. Let me know if you agree.

Trips to Target (and most other stores) often inspire layouts ideas. When I enter a store it seems that there is almost always something that catches my eye and I makes me think about how cool it would be to translate it into a layout element. Things that I watch for are tags and labels on products, stores signs, and color combinations.

Life without my camera? Never! Scrapbookers tend to keep their camera close by, just in case something exciting happens. Many scrapbookers I know just keep their camera in their purse so that it is always nearby.

You see a pattern or design in an ad or on a piece of fabric and think about how great that design would look on a sheet of patterned paper. You recognize good design and you want to find a way to work it into your layouts.

You let yours kids watch an extra TV show (or 2) so that you can finish up a layout that you are working on.

Sketches for layouts turn up on your grocery lists, scrap paper and kid’s homework.

You catch yourself thinking about scrapbooking while you are doing a few necessary cleaning tasks around the house. I often find myself thinking, “I’d rather be scrapbooking” while cleaning toilets or mopping.

Those are just a few of my observations of my life as a scrapbooker. What other things have you noticed about yourself (or your friends) that would help to distinguish them as true scrapbookers?

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