Scrapbooking is Good for the Soul

Why do you scrapbook?

How does it make you feel?

Scrapbooking is a wonderful creative outlet for moms, brides, families, friends and so many who want to cherish the time they have spent. Scrapbooks remind us of our past, enhance our present, and help us look forward to the future. I joyfully look through my scrapbook as I remember the precious times when my older children were babies or past Christmas parties and birthdays. Once I get in the mood to reflect upon my scrapbooks, I can sit there for quite some time going over the old memories. It also inspires me to put together new scrapbook pages of current events and celebrations.

Through all the good memories a scrapbook holds, can you imagine scrapbooking during a difficult time in your life? What would it look like? What colors or pictures would you choose to represent a dark time or struggle you are going through? Much like journaling, scrapbooking can be therapeutic to those going through hard times or illnesses.
Many may have seen the movie, My Sister’s Keeper, where the young girl dying of cancer was putting together a scrapbook. Her scrapbook did not contain difficult memories but helped her remember the good times and joy she had experienced. This scrapbook brought her joy when her world was bleak.

I once saw on TV how a woman who was struggling put together a scrapbook of her struggle up until her victory over her difficult time. The pages of the scrapbook showed what was in her heart from the dark and cold pages up until the colorful and happy pages. She often looked through the book as a reminder of how far she had come through her struggle.

Have you considered putting a scrapbook together during a hard time or do you give up on your hobby during a hard time? I encourage you to try and scrapbook your way through a difficult situation. The creative outlet and reminder of doing something that brings you joy may be something to hang onto during rough waters.

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