Scrapbooking Life’s Little Annoyances

Life is full of annoying things. And no matter how blessed we are, or feel, they can sometimes aggravate us. I recently read a book that talked about facing these annoyances before they get out of hand. It is about learning how to laugh at the situation, instead of getting frustrated or angry and accidentally taking it out on the wrong person. What annoys us, might not annoy anyone else. That doesn’t make it wrong, it just means we have to try harder to let it go.

Have you ever noticed how annoying your husband’s snoring is? Or perhaps those long, loud screeches your children let out as they are tearing through the house?

Does it drive you absolutely crazy that the phone rings while you are in the shower, or that you are not dressed and suddenly someone is at your door.

Does it annoy you when someone just sits at a four way stop sign, as if to say “go”, when you know they were there first and should be the one going, but you are afraid to move forward because they might suddenly decide to go, because after all it was their turn. Yes, me too.

Take time to think about your pets, your children, your relatives, your significant other, and just life in general, to make a list of things that truly annoy you.

If anything on your list is bound to hurt someones feelings, it needs to be removed before you make the layout. You aren’t on a mission to hurt someone, only to make light of your aggravations and annoyances.

While this page may not have any photographs that go with it, be creative. You might be able to get a photograph of your children running through the house screaming, if you plan it right. Or if you are sitting at a stop sign, and that occurs, snap a photo with your camera phone. I think when you upload it to your computer, you will find the situation much funnier than you did when you were sitting there.

I am planning to do one soon, and will share it with all of you when I finish it. Remember not to limit yourself just to a layout, it can be turned into a theme album too.