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My mother is the first to admit that she is a dinosaur when it comes to technology. To say that she doesn’t embrace computers or anything digital would be a severe understatement. Ironically, for as much as my mom abhors high-tech gadgets, she absolutely loves the idea of digital scrapbooks.

In fact, she is borderline obsessed with digital photo books, which are essentially affordable scrapbooks that you make online. You’ve likely seen the albums advertised on various photography and scrapbooking websites. They feature a variety of prefabricated templates that make scrapping an entire book a breeze. To design the pages you simply select the photos you want added to the blank frames, add some text, and in some cases, attach embellishments from the digital menu. The books are truly a cinch to create and are ideal for individuals looking to preserve a slew of photos from a single event, such as a Christmas, birthday, anniversary, wedding, family vacation or graduation.

I love the digital photo books for their simplicity and affordable price. In fact, if you register on certain sites that offer the books, you can score amazing savings via online coupon codes. During the Christmas season I received a coupon worth 60 percent off a single book bringing the price of a 30-page album to less than $15. That’s a steal if you compare it to the cost associated with creating a traditional scrapbook. If you factor in the background paper, cardstock, embellishments, tools and other elements needed to craft standard layouts, the digital alternatives are much more economical.

What’s more, these days there are a plethora of sites offering the books, so you don’t have to hunt high and low for a good deal. Personally, I am a huge fan of Shutterfly’s digital photo books. The company offers a variety of books in a range of sizes, including 8×8 and 12×12, two formats very familiar to traditional scrapbookers. Another plus for diehard scrappers is Shutterfly’s impressive layout options, especially the “ABCs of You” and “Celebrate Everyday Life” templates designed by the gurus at Creating Keepsakes magazine.

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