Scrapbooking: Make Time for It!

Scrapbooking: Make time for it!

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say to me that they just don’t have time to scrapbook. They always seem surprised that I work on some sort of scrapbooking activity almost every day. It’s really not too hard to make time for scrapbooking; you just have to make it a priority.

I’ve come up with a few ideas that have helped me find and make time for scrapbooking.

Don’t feel guilty. You deserve time for yourself. It will make you happier and more effective in others areas of your life. Make sure to make time for yourself!

Trade time with your spouse or friend. A friend and I have set up a schedule where we watch each other’s kids on a set day each week. I know her kids will be at my house on Monday afternoons and my kids will be her on Wednesdays. This is great because I have a 3-hour block of time all to myself. Sometimes I run errands, but usually I try to use at least some of my time to scrapbook. You could also trade time with your spouse. Maybe every other Saturday morning you take turns with the kids and chores while the other one gets to have free time.

Reserve a night for yourself. Set aside at least one night a week that is designated as your scrapbooking night. Make it something that you look forward to. Just reserve the time even if it is just for an hour or two.

Plan a monthly crop night. Invite friends over on a set night each month (like the 2nd Thursday of each month) for scrapbook. If people are coming over, you will be more likely to plan out a few pages and try to get them done that night.

If scrapbooking is something that you truly enjoy, please make the time for yourself to do a hobby that brings you happiness. You will be a more productive and happy person when you make time for things you love.