Scrapbooking Mother’s Day Layouts

mother's day scrapbooking layoutsIt seems that most Scrapbookers are women. And the majority of those women are mothers. This isn’t to say it’s the same for everyone. However, if a Scrapbooker is not a mother yet, more than likely they have a mother or someone special in which to celebrate Mother’s day with.

Every May we celebrate the joy of motherhood. As a mother you will never forget the day your son or daughter was placed into your arms, whether through adoption or at the time of their birth. A child changes our lives forever, and should be celebrated! And certainly so should motherhood!

Remember when you were a child? Can you see that priceless smile on the face of your mother when she saw whatever you had created with your own two little hands and then said “I love you” as you handed it to her proudly? Those are special moments in a mother’s life. Moments that should be remembered forever.

So this Mother’s Day, don’t forget to create layouts about the special things that were said and done for you.

scrapbooking layouts

contributed by Krissi Dillion

Not yet a mother? But expecting soon? This in tradition is your first mother’s day. That life growing inside of you will be calling you mama, mom, and mommy before you know it. Take pictures of yourself and include them on your layout titled “1st Mother’s Day”.

scrapbooking layouts

contributed by Denise Julius

Don’t forget to include the Mother’s Day Tea at your child’s school or the party they have in your honor. If there is a program or artwork, color copy it and include it in your layout.

scrapbooking layouts

contributed by Chris Wasielewski

If you didn’t do a lot, you should still commemorate Mother’s Day! Take photos of your mother and you. If you are the mother, take one of your child and you. Just including a shot of mother and child is perfect. Journaling perhaps could center around how awesome it is to be a mother.

scrapbooking layouts

contributed by Lisa Thacker

No matter what you do for Mother’s Day, I hope it is special and wonderful, just like you!