Scrapbooking on a Camping Trip

As avid outdoors man, or woman I guess, it is no wonder that I enjoy camping so much, as do my children. However, sometimes when we go on a camping trip, we find ourselves with some down time that we don’t know what to do with. I miss my scrapbook space, where I often retreat when inspiration kicks in. So several years ago, we began scrapbooking on our camping trips. In fact, we have an upcoming camping trip that we are preparing for, and I am trying to decide what to bring and spending some time assembling some kits to bring. However, scrapbooking on a camping trip can be a bit tricky.

The first thing to consider is what you will need to bring with you, to make scrapbooking the easiest. We keep our scrapbook packing to a bare minimum, often completing things like journaling, when we return back home. We only take items that are absolutely necessary.

What we take:

5-10 Scrapbook Page Kits with photographs




Page protectors

misc. supplies that go with the page kits such as letter stickers, embellishments and more.

Assembling several page kits in advance, so you aren’t at a total loss for what to bring, is the best way to utilize your actual scrapbooking time on your camping trip. Packing page kits, rather than trying to bring a bunch of stuff with you that you might not even need, just makes more sense. It saves room and keeps focus on what you have in front of you. You already have everything you need for that layout, right there at your fingertips, when you bring a page kit along.

We also bring along a folding table so we can keep our scrapbooking area as clean as possible. Trying to scrapbook on a picnic table or not on a flat surface, can leave dirt on the layout, and also leave indents and other scratches on photographs and embellishments. We bring the folding table because we know it is clean and we can fold it up and store it somewhere when we are not using it. It is a blessing when we are ready to get to work.

It is also a good idea to bring a soft clean cloth, stored in a plastic bag to keep it clean, for wiping off layouts and photographs, just in case they get some dust or dirt on them. My advice for scrapbooking on a camping trip, is not to bring any photographs that you don’t have the negatives for, or that you cannot reprint. This saves any unplanned circumstances from ruining your scrapbooking. I also don’t recommend scrapbooking around a campfire. Accidents do happen, and the extreme temperatures are not good for any of your supplies or products.

If you don’t wish to actually scrapbook on your camping trip, because you are fearful of all the dangers to that specific situation, then consider bringing along some scrapbooking magazines, or scrapbook idea books. You can read around the campfire, look for great ideas, sketch or anything else that doesn’t require ruining supplies.

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