Scrapbooking Podcast: What it is and Where to Find Them

I’ve heard the question hundreds of times, what exactly is a podcast?

A podcast is the latest in blog technology and is actually like a radio show and sometimes a video show you listen to or watch on your computer. You can also save the podcast to a CD or move it to an MP3 player. I’ve been known to download a whole series and burn them to CD. I can then pop them in my CD player in the car and listen while I’m running errands or sitting in traffic. The same works for an MP3 Player.

There are hundreds of podcast sites on a variety of topics. And now there are scrapbooking and craft podcast’s popping up all over the Internet. A scrapbooking podcast is a great way to learn new techniques and get advice and tips on this hobby of ours. Below are a few of my favorite podcast sites that I subscribe to.

Scrapcast – The World’s First Scrapbooking and Paper Arts podcast – Scrapbooking for Your Speakers. This is the original scrapbooking podcast. They have 17 podcast’s available for download in mp3 format.

Scrapbooking podcast – calls themselves the best video podcast for learning new techniques. They have 8 video podcast’s available for download in both Quicktime and windows media.

Wholly Scrap – Angie Pedersen of now offers a podcast called Wholly Scrap podcast located at Angie has even set up a listener comment line that will play your comments back to her in .wav format allowing her to enter them into the podcast. It appears that Angie has made her podcast’s a monthly project and has two podcast’s available currently.

I also recently discovered Cut Out and Keep by Cat Morley – She has both video and audio podcast’s available for download. I found about 6 of them available on her blog.

If you know of any I might have missed, feel free to leave a comment in the comments field. I am always looking for new one’s to add.

For information on podcasts and how simple they are to access, visit our Computers & Internet Blog HERE.