Scrapbooking: Setting the Mood With Color (1)

Color surrounds us everywhere. What would our world be without the vibrant and serene colors that we are afforded daily in our lives. The cool aspect of color is that different colors evoke different feelings and emotions. Often people are more drawn to one particular color, than they might be another. This can occur for several reasons. Perhaps a person likes the way the color looks. Or maybe someone has told them that they look good in that color. But more than likely, the reason for enjoying certain colors, is that people probably like the way the color makes them feel.

Advertising Executives, Marketing Directors and most retailers and restaurant owners are very aware of and understand the importance of certain colors and the feelings and emotions that they evoke. This is why decorating a restaurant or store for consumers is an important part of the process. For instance, most fast food chains use a lot of red, which tends to represent fast. I would have to assume, that would be because red is such a bold, vibrant color and is usually the color of hot (hot food, anyone?). In contrast, many spa’s or other relaxation retailers tend to decorate with a more blue palette, accenting with more natural colors, because they tend to evoke a more mellow, natural and calming feeling.

Because colors evoke different moods, it can be important to pay special attention when choosing colors for your scrapbook layouts. Although many people like to match the photos to the papers, and that works well for some, others just grab whatever feels right to them. That can be okay too, but if you are trying to set a mood for certain things, you might wish to further educate yourself on colors and emotions.

Please see Scrapbooking: Setting the Mood With Color (2) for a more detailed representation of what different colors tend to mean.

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