Scrapbooking: Setting The Mood With Color (2)

Since color is such an important aspect in decorating anything, there is no exception to decorating your scrapbook layouts. However, if you aren’t more aware of what moods that colors can set, you might be setting the wrong mood on your pages.

Here are a few excellent examples of what colors can mean and what mood they can set:


As I mentioned in an earlier article, red is a color that seems to demand attention. It is extremely vibrant and is the color of stop-signs. Red is a strong color and in scientific tests, was known to cause the blood pressure to rise and the heart beat quicker. Interesting. Red is demanding. If you use red on your layouts, it will more than likely be the focal point as our eyes have been trained to see it the quickest.


When you combine red and yellow, you get orange. Orange usually evokes a nice, even energy level. Orange typically gives off a feeling of fall, because of its use near Halloween and its the color of autumn leaves and pumpkins. It’s a more positive color than red, in that the feelings it evokes are usually enthusiasm, and energy, while still demanding a bit of attention.


Yellow is a bright, sunny color. It evokes feelings and emotions of happpiness, summer, and is also a very spiritual color. Many put yellow as the color of friendship.


Green is a very natural color, and a beautiful combination of blue and yellow. Look around our world, and you will see green in the trees, on the ground, all around. It’s a beautiful color in any shade. It is the color of luck, spring, jealousy and envy. It of course, is also the color of money. Which is why many banks use green in their advertising. Green is also a religious color, as well as being the color used in health care for good health. The color itself seems to be calming and soothing. Many medical researchers believe that children with certain disorders such as ADHD, ODD and Bi-Polar, would benefit greatly from more exposure to green grass, trees and such.


My favorite color. It is a peaceful, tranquil and extremely calming color. It is a color recommended for use in the bedroom to calm yourself. Spa’s use it to create a feeling of harmony in their establishments. Blue is also an extremely natural color. It is the color of the sky, of the ocean and water, of flowers and more. It also represents ice and cold. Blue has been known to help lower stress levels, and even reduce your appetite. Well, I just might paint my whole world blue!


Purple is a royal color. However, it also can evoke feelings of creativity, youthfulness, spirituality, and purple has been known to be a slightly mysterious color. Many book authors choose shades of purple for their mystery novels.

Those are the most common colors and what moods they have been known to set. Please check out the other articles dealing with color in your scrapbooks.

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