Scrapbooking Summer Camp

Camp is just part of every child’s summer experience. Nowadays, there are so many different types of camps nationwide, that there is positively something for every hobby, collector and activity that children enjoy participating in.

With all these different camps, and all the activities that go on at the camps, how do we commemorate them all? Here are some easy solutions and tips, to make scrapbooking your child’s summer camp experience, just a little easier.

Questions and Answers

Each afternoon when your child returns home, begin asking questions about what they did, what they saw, which activities they enjoyed and what their thoughts and feeling about that day are. It will make journaling at the end so much easier.

Send a Disposable

Purchase a couple of disposable camera’s at the start of camp. Allow your child to take several pictures at camp each day. They can capture activities and moments at camp that you won’t be able to. See a camp experience through the eyes of a child.

Save Memorabilia

Save artwork, bracelets, wood work stuff and other items created at camp. Photograph or scan them at the end of the week and include them on a page together. Some of the neatest crafts and items are made at summer camp.

Sleepaway Camp

This can be a bit more challenging, because you cannot be there at the end of each day to run a question and answer session, and see what photographs your children are snapping. But what you can do, is write letters to them reminding them, and keep all the letters that they send. They make great journaling blocks!

Camp Clothing

Take photographs of your children in camp t-shirts, sports uniforms or other items that reflect on your child’s specific camp choice. If they get a special tote or backpack be sure and snap a photo while they hold it or have it on. Use these pictures as the first page of an album or series of layouts about camp.

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