Scrapbooking The Everyday Things

On a mission once again to create layouts that are different than the norm, I have come up with some great ideas. When I sat down to scrapbook the other day, I felt major scrappers block and I wanted to find a way to combat it. Deciding against trying to create an “event” layout, I wound up playing around with some ideas about scrapbooking the everyday things.

I’ve written articles on this before, but I had some new ideas I haven’t shared so I will.

I grabbed some cardstock, and decided this layout wasn’t going to have normal pictures on it; no people or events.

These next few layouts I was working on were going to be of everyday occurrences that I have never seen scrapbooked before. (I’m not saying they haven’t, I just have not seen the layouts).

For several months I belonged to the Disney DVD club, however I eventually canceled it. I still belong to Columbia House DVD and our movie collection is still expanding. So I started brainstorming. These are things I could include in my albums. About our collections, our memberships to various clubs, (I belong to four book clubs, a scrapbooking club, 2 scrapbooking monthly kit clubs and various CD and DVD clubs) and even some of the monthly bills we pay. I thought it might be neat to do a monthly bill layout. That was the first layout I started with.

I gathered all of our utility bills and any other major bills (two credit cards bills, and a cell phone bill) scanned them into my computer, resized them and printed them out. I used them as photographs on my layout and it turned out cute. I’m still working on a title and plan to journal it, but once it is finished I will show it off.

So brainstorm some ideas. Think about everyday mundane things that have probably never been featured in your layouts. It could be as simple as feeding the dog every morning, to paying a certain bill off or whatever. Create a layout and have some fun.