Scrapbooking the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a festive and fun time to celebrate pride in our country. It is also an excellent time for families to come together and spend time with each other. The Fourth of July, no matter which state it is being celebrated in, is a day filled with BBQ’s, picnic’s, games, swimming, water activities, and of course, fireworks.

The fireworks are usually the biggest part of the day, and are the thing that brings the day to a close at the end of the night. So besides a bunch of fireworks, what else is there to commemorate about the 4th of July?



Besides the beautiful and loud, colorful sparks in the air, don’t forget to take pictures of your family feast. Did you do a BBQ or perhaps pack a picnic? Do you roast a pig every year? Take photographs of the lavish fruit salads and festive red, white and blue cakes or pies that adorn the tables at your special event.


Is there something traditional about your fourth of July? Do you go to the same location every year? Do you eat the same foods, or wear the same shirts? One family I know, purchases the current Old Navy shirts that are brought out just for the fourth of July each year. So each year, she gets a photograph of the whole family wearing theirs. If you have something that you do traditionally, be sure to capture it on film and then scrapbook it.


The look on a child’s face, as they are watching the lights bursting in the air, or holding a sparkler is absolutely priceless. Instead of trying to get a photograph of the actual activity, try capturing just the look on your child’s face. Illuminated by the light of the sparkler, or the campfire, or the fireworks themselves. Smiles and pointing, laughing and shouting, guessing which color is going to be next and the oohs and ahhhs of the beautiful firework displays cannot be captured as easily, but recording the information can be easy, with the proper journaling techniques.

Games and Activities

Remember to include information about the games you played or the activities you did. My neighbors had a watermelon seed spitting contest each year. We took photographs one year and scrapbooked them, and even my kids laugh and remember watching the hilarious crazy family next door.

Family and Friends

Try to capture a photograph of each family member, and friend that attends your fourth of July celebration. Including these will make it easier when scrapbooking to remember who all attended each year.

Regardless of what you remember to photograph at your own families Fourth of July celebration, don’t forget to include the things you didn’t remember to take a picture of. Remember to include the who, what, where, why, when and the smells, tastes and sounds of this fun and festive holiday.