Scrapbooking Time Management Tips

One of the largest complaints I hear from scrapbook supply collectors, aka scrapbookers, is that they have a difficult time finding time, or making time to scrapbook. This can be a real problem when you have loads of photographs to scrapbook and you keep taking more. But there are a few ways you can combat this issue.

Organization – The first step to good time management is simply to get organized. Give all of your scrapbooking supplies and tools a home. Everything should have a place. And in addition to that, organizing your photographs should be a priority too.

Lists – Create a to-do list. List a number of different layouts that you really want to complete. Jot down notes or ideas for each one. Use the list when you find a few minutes to steal away. Cross of each layout as you complete it, and add new ones as you think of them. Seeing it all in front of you, can help you prioritize, keep focused and put it all into perspective.

Crops and Classes – Attend them! Even if a class is only one hour long, the motivation is often all it takes to get you working. Not to mention, that in a class you can sometimes complete a couple of two page layouts. You will feel productive and have a higher sense of motivation.

Make a Neat Mess – Leave out your supplies if you can. Yes, it can get a bit messy. But if you plan to come back to it soon, leaving out your supplies can mean an hour of scrapbooking, rather than only a 40 minute period of scrapbooking while you dedicate ten minutes before and after to cleaning up. Not to mention, if you find yourself low on time, even five minutes spent on a layout, can make them go faster.

There are dozens of other ways to find a little extra time in your day to scrapbook, and I will touch on some of those soon. Hopefully a few of these will help you along and get you motivated to complete some pages.

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