Scrapbooking Tools Doing Double Duty

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day quite like a Cricut machine.

Hint. Hint.

My neighbor’s living room windows are freshly decorated with large hearts made from exquisite patterned scrapbook paper.

Eye candy indeed.

When my 7-year-old queried her on where we could buy “some of those pretty hearts” to embellish our windows, my neighbor sweetly replied: “Honey, I used my Cricut to make them.”

She then promptly invited my kid over to craft some for her bedroom window.

“Rub it in, why don’t you?”

I’m pretty sure that was my exact retort.

So, yes, a Cricut is truly an investment that reaches beyond the world of scrapbooking.

In fact, the paper snowflakes and glittery stars that hung from my neighbor’s Christmas tree were also made on her Cricut.

Cricut owners will tell you that the crafting possibilities are virtually endless when you have access to the electronic scrapbooking tool. After looking at all of the additional cartridges you can use on the machine, I’m beginning to believe them. From Hello Kitty to Big Bird, Mickey Mouse to planes, trains and automobiles, Cricut’s cartridge selection is second to none.

Of course, like the machine, the cartridges don’t come cheap. Personally, I cannot afford to drop 25 to 35 bucks each time I want to cut-out a new sports, holiday or floral design.

However, if you have the means, there is so much you can do with your Cricut besides making scrapbooks. If I could borrow my neighbor’s Cricut for the day (which is entirely possible) the first thing I would do is to cut vinyl decals. My daughter has been begging for wall art and I know that I could save a ton of money by using the Cricut to cut-out her name, a flower and butterfly border, and some inspirational quotes.

What fun projects have you made with a Cricut machine?

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