Scrapbooking: Using Uncommon Embellishments

Lisa wrote that scrapbooking is a lifestyle. I completely agree with that. As a scrapaholic, every time I go shopping I see new ideas. Some of these are designs, but others are items not intended for scrapbooking. “How can I use that on a page?” often comes to mind, especially when there’s a sale going on.

It was at one of those sales that I discovered body art. No, I would never wear it, partially because finding my belly button would be an exercise in itself, but more because we teach our girls that inner beauty is paramount. That didn’t stop me from buying ten pieces of body art at a recent Claire’s Any Ten for $5 clearance sale. It would have to be an extra special page for frugal me to spend the normal $6 apiece that these cost (okay, there’s never been such a page, but I’m leaving the possibility open!), but at fifty cents, it was worth getting an assortment.

In this layout, I used one of the belly button jewels as a snowflake. The nice thing is that even though it’s about thirty separate pieces, they’re all held together by one big glue-dot. In keeping with the rule of threes, there are individual sequins on the lower left and upper right edges of the page. It really adds to the page because when light hits it, it sparkles.

My penmanship isn’t the best, and I often will use cutout, sticker, or printed letters instead of writing them. In this case, I put a sticker directly on the photo. That’s something I usually hesitate to do, but the kids were too far apart in the picture, and I really wanted to include both of them. The sticker makes it one unit instead of two.

What uncommon embellishments have you used?