Scrapbooking Vacation Photos

We recently went on a three-day family vacation and came home with many photos that I want to scrapbook. This got me thinking about the many different possibilities for ways that I could scrapbook my vacation photos. I’d like to share some different ways to include your vacation photos in your scrapbooks.

Chose one photo to highlight each event on your trip. You could create a 2-page layout summarizing your vacation with a favorite photo from each event from the vacation. Number each of your photos and then journal about them while referencing each photo in your journaling.

Create one layout for each day of your trip. If you can’t narrow down your photos to only one per event, you could create a layout for each day of your vacation. You will still need to be selective about which photos you choose to use so that you can focus in on some of your favorite photos. You could include this in a chronological album or start a vacation album where you store all vacation layouts.

Make a vacation mini album. You have many options when it comes to creating a mini album. You could do a small album that you could use as a display in your home. Here is an example of an accordion album that I created to document a trip with my husband and friends. I just choose a few of my favorite photos from the trip for this project.

You could also use a smaller album, such as an 8 X 8, and create several layouts documenting the chronological events of your vacation. You can fill the entire album with layouts from your trip.

There is not a wrong way to scrapbook your vacation memories, but try to document your vacation soon after you return home so that the memories and excitement of the vacation are still fresh. If you won’t be able to scrapbook your photos right away, I suggest typing or writing up journaling notes so that it will be easier to put your scrapbook together when you are ready.

Do you have some vacation scrapbooking tips? I’d love to hear them.