Scrapbooking Week in Review

I’ve decided to forgo the typical Week in Review and focus more on a bi-weekly update of sorts here and in my other topics. It makes it far more interesting when there are more things to look at, and it allows you to see more articles that you might have missed.

So what’s been up in the scrapbooking blog lately?

Many scrapbookers struggle to figure out how to store their scrapbook albums. They wonder what the right things to do are, or perhaps how someone else might do it. In Displaying Your Scrapbook Albums you’ll find a few ways that scrapbookers store their albums and you might just find a new way.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to get paid for doing something you love? There are plenty of creative scrapbookers who would like to get paid for scrapbooking and you will find Scrapbooking for Others: Creating a Sample Album or Binder, or Scrapbooking for Others: Building a Scrapbook Portfolio or the third in the series Scrapbooking for Others: Pricing Albums and Layouts rather useful. If you are just looking for a quick read, you might prefer Tips for Creating Albums for Others.

With school just around the corner for many, and several schools back into full swing, school scrapbooking layouts are staring us deep in the face. Check out Taking the First Day of School Picture for some tips and ideas on what to focus on to get that special first day of school picture.

And if you are frugal scrapbooker, or someone who might just be interested in finding some new obscure embellishment to add to their page, you can stop Looking for Embellishments by checking out the article.