Scrapbooking Week in Review 3-22-07 thru 4-01-07

This week in scrapbooking kicked off with the anniversary celebrating my one year with in the scrapbooking blog. I took a look back at some of what was being talked about year ago, and took a back to basics approach to my articles this week.

On Sunday, March 22, which was the actual anniversary, I showed you what was posted a year ago in A Year Of Scrapbooking. Many journaling related articles were posted at that time, and more were included throughout the year. Most scrapbookers and probably several non-scrapbookers know me as the Journaling Queen (amongst other creative nicknames). I guess I got my start with by teaching you some methods for better journaling. No better way to start in my book.

A recent question posted by a member, elicited the article – Choosing the Right Paper Trimmer on Tuesday, March 24, where I compared different styles to help you decide what might work best for you. A paper trimmer is one of the most used tools that we own in scrapbooking, so choosing the best is important.

Wednesday, March 25, brought the beginning of a two part series, comparing different options for film development and printing in Where To Get Your Photographs Developed (1). The follow up came the next day, March 26 in Where To Get Your Photographs Developed (2). This article shows the importance of understanding your options in regards to getting photo prints. The wrong place can mean lost memories and ruined photographs.

Learning About Color For Your Scrapbooks began a whole series of articles based on color choices for your layouts. It is important to understand the moods and emotions that color portrays as well as understanding the terminology involved. Both of these concepts are covered in Scrapbooking: Setting The Mood With Color (1) and Scrapbooking: Setting the Mood With Color (2). This series will continue throughout the first week of April.

Two other articles that are worthy of mention are Another Year of Scrapbooking (1) and Another Year of Scrapbooking (2), which both focus entirely on bringing you direct links to excellent articles posted last year. Articles include topics like: Journaling, Memorabilia, Working With Scraps, Product Reviews, Budget Scrapbooking, Paper Tearing and much more! They are an excellent link to some really great articles.

Watch the scrapbooking blog this week as I continue to teach you about color in your scrapbooks, as well as working on some new journaling techniques.