Scrapbooking Week In Review for April 16th to April 22nd

This week has been a week for organization and finding storage solutions, for all those scrapbooking supplies we tend to accumulate. Next week, I will begin focusing more on specific supplies, and storage options for them. Hopefully, you found lots of useful information in the organizational articles already, and that you have begun preparing yourself for a clean and beautiful room.

Monday April 16th

Monday kicked off our week with a Week In Review for April 9th to April 15th. Following our weekly review was an article titled No Camera’s Allowed!, featuring ideas and solutions for when there are no pictures to be had, of certain events.

Tuesday April 17th

Scraplifting Your Own Layouts is an easy way to get more page done, faster. This method is tried and true, and even if you are a scrapbooker that takes over an hour per page to assemble, this method will help cut your time down in half!

Wednesday April 18th

Organization: Sorting Your Supplies, began our series on getting organized. With all the supplies we have, it is important to find storage solutions that meet our own needs. With some great tips, on how to get started, this article provides you with the first baby steps to organizing all that stuff!

Thursday April 19th

In the article, Organization: Learning About Storage Solutions, you get a personal look, into one of the problems I faced, as well as additional information, on really evaluating what you have, so you can began to find the solution.

Friday April 20th

Using what you have, or what you can get relatively cheap, is something I always stress, when organizing. It doesn’t have to be expensive. In Great Scrapbooking Storage Solutions (1), I provide you with a couple of items you can use for storage, that you might already have in hand, or might be able to get from friends or family.

Saturday April 21st

Following the previous days article, Great Scrapbooking Storage Solutions (2) continues where (1) left off. The article continues to teach you to look beyond regular everyday storage supplies, and see what’s already there.

Sunday, April 22nd

Finishing up the week, Reusable Scrapbooking Storage Solutions is a frugal list of items, that can be reused and decorated to meet your basic storage needs. There is an endless supply of trash we throw out on a daily basis, that could just be cleaned up, decorated and reused to store items in almost any room!

Watch the Scrapbooking Blog and the Organization Section this week for more terrific articles on organizing and storage methods!