Scrapbooking Week in Review for August 13th-19th, 2007

The scrapbooking blog has always been one of the most popular blogs at That always makes me smile, since scrapbooking is probably one of my most favorite subjects in the world to talk about. I divide my time into sections so that I am equally sharing it with my family, my job (writing) and my scrapbooking. I often include my family in my scrapbooking endeavors for the simple reason that they love it too. Don’t forget to share those moments with your own families, and include your children in the layout making process. They aren’t professionals, but they will catch on quick enough.

So, onto what has been happening this week in the Scrapbooking Blog. Be sure and check out any that you might have missed.

What is the Deal with Creative Memories? (1)

So what is the big deal about Creative Memories and why does everyone always seem to be asking about it all over the Internet and on Scrapbooking Message Boards? I will try to explain in a totally general way. First, Creative Memories is a home-business selling scrapbooking supplies.

What is the Deal with Creative Memories? (2)

Scrapbooking has been around a long time, which is what I discussed in the first article in this series. Creative Memories has been around since 1987 and while having thousands of devoted followers, equally has thousands of people that really dislike the name.

What is the Deal With Creative Memories? (3)

There are huge debates everywhere about Creative Memories. Message Boards are always a huge source of negativity surrounding anything that is CM related, and the CM advocates usually come out in full force as well.

The Positive Side of Creative Memories

After all of the negative complaints I offered that seem to be common amongst non-Creative Memories scrapbookers, I thought it only fair that I share the positives of the company.

What is the Difference Between a Scrapbooking Crop and a Workshop?

I was asked this question recently, and since my answer was so long, I thought it might make a good article for everyone. The difference between a scrapbook crop and a scrapbook workshop, is simple, yet many struggle to understand the difference.

Back to School Titles for Your Layouts

Once upon a time, in a scrapbookers world it was filled with wonderful page topper ideas. Finding the right topper, now called title, was a must for most people. Finally toppers are making a comeback and scrapbookers are having more and more fun using them and designing creative titles.

Rules of Scrapbooking

The rules of scrapbooking are in the eye of the beholder. In other words, really there aren’t a lot of set things you must or must not do in order to scrapbook.

Monday Layout Challenge – School Layouts and More

Recently I realized that I hadn’t done many scrapbooking pages on my children’s school activities. I have the photographs, the layouts just haven’t been created. So I challenged myself to get to work on those.

Scrapbooking Week in Review for August 6-12th, 2007

A passion for scrapbooking seems to be in abundance lately. Loads of new scrapbook items are being released following the the annual CHA and scrapbookers are scrambling to get their hands on the new products. Let’s see what has been happening in the scrapbooking blog this week.

Memory Planner by Karen Foster Designs

Organizing is the key to productivity. If you are struggling along in your organizational methods for scrapbooking, perhaps this is the ticket to freedom. Want to get more done? Check out the Memory Planner by Karen Foster Designs.

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