Scrapbooking Week in Review for August 6-12th, 2007

A passion for scrapbooking seems to be in abundance lately. Loads of new scrapbook items are being released following the the annual CHA and scrapbookers are scrambling to get their hands on the new products. Let’s see what has been happening in the scrapbooking blog this week.

Memory Planner by Karen Foster Designs

Organizing is the key to productivity. If you are struggling along in your organizational methods for scrapbooking, perhaps this is the ticket to freedom. Want to get more done? Check out the Memory Planner by Karen Foster Designs.

The Scrapbook Adhesive Gun Every Scrapbooker Should Get

One of the newest scrapbook supplies to hit the supply craze is the discovery of the ATG. It is the best adhesive dispenser for a variety of reasons but one of the biggest is honestly the cost. When you scrapbook as much as most of us do, you go through a lot of adhesive.

A Very Comprehensive List of Font Sites for Scrapbookers

Scrapbookers are a choosy bunch, and often they know what type of font they want before they even get to the layout. The pictures might evoke a certain mood or perhaps its even as simple as they use that font a lot.

Back to School Poems for Your Scrapbook Layouts

Back to school brings loads of layouts, and dozens of opportunities to capture those memories. Need some fun poems that are perfect for back to school pages? Look no further. Often I write my own poems for school pages. Sometimes they rhyme and sometimes they don’t.

Starting a Scrapbook Club

Do you feel all alone in your scrapbooking endeavors? Perhaps none of your friends or family scrapbooks, and you don’t really know anyone that does. Without telling you to stalk regulars at your local scrapbook store, it is challenging to find others who share your hobby that live nearby.

What is a Scrapbook Page Exchange?

Page exchanges are so much fun. I have participated in hundreds over the years that I have been scrapbooking. They are great way to get pages done faster, and get more scrapbooking done. They are so much fun to receive in the mail too. A page exchange is typically hosted by someone.

Finding Layout Inspiration Online

Having inspiration strike you, which in turn gets you scrapbooking layout after layout, is the finest way to get those pages done. However, not everyone knows there are dozens of places on the Internet to find great inspiration.

What is a Scrapbook Product Swap?

Participating in product swaps has been widely popular on various scrapbooking message boards for years. It is an excellent way to get some new stuff that you can use, while getting rid of the excess products that you probably will never use again.

Monday Layout Challenge: 30 Minute Layout

Scrapbooker’s often get into a rut when it comes to specific pictures. They envision this amazing layout, and the inspiration to create it just never comes.

Scrapbooking Week in Review for June 30th-August 5th, 2007

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