Scrapbooking Week in Review for February 25 – March 2, 2008

We have actually seen brief glimpses of Spring peeking around the clouds in our neck of the woods. What has the weather been like where you are? I’m ready for the cold weather to disappear and be replaced with sunny warm days where we can spend hours outside with mother nature. I seem to be much more inspired on the warm days than I am on the cold days. Here’s what’s been happening in the scrapbook blog this week.

Why Should I Participate in Scrapbooking Challenges

It seems that everywhere I look these days, scrapbooker’s are putting out challenges to other scrapbooker’s to try new and different things, make others think outside the box and expose them to valuable experiences. In fact there are entire blogs and we have a whole section dedicated to challenges.

Do I Include This Photograph in my Scrapbook?

Recently I was faced with some big decisions regarding my layouts and albums. I needed to make some choices on whether or not someone and some photographs would appear in our family scrapbooks.

Saturday Layout Challenge: The Hard Times

It has returned to the scrapbooking blog. The scrapbooking layout challenges have been resurrected from the dark side and brought back into the light. They have been changed to be offered on Saturday instead of the original Monday’s that we were doing before.

Back to the Basics – Hidden Journaling

If it was so easy, we would all be doing it, right? What am I referring to? Journaling! I have noticed a huge trend in the scrapbooking industry with one picture layouts and nothing but a title and perhaps a quote but no words….no journaling.

Making Words For Your Scrapbook Layouts

Using words in your scrapbooking layouts is quite the rage right now. It is very in style and can tell a story without actual journaling. From dictionary definitions, to simple words throw around a layout, adding words or phrases can create an eye catching layout that simply makes the pages unique.

Using the Back of an Acrylic Stamp to Create Backgrounds

Acrylic stamps or clear stamps are some of the most popular stamps right now. They are much easier to use, organize and store than the traditional wood and rubber stamps. Plus, there are a variety of different uses they have that wood stamps just don’t.

Quickie Layouts: Getting Your Scrapbook Pages Done Faster

Trying to get more done in the short spurts of time that we are allowed in our increasingly shorter days can be difficult. Making the time to scrapbook is important, but there are other methods to create more pages and get more accomplished when you are able to find the time.

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