Scrapbooking Week In Review for July 1st to July 8th

So what’s been going on in the scrapbooking blog this week? More than enough to hold your interest, with so much more coming all summer long. As usual, the week in review is designed to recap the week, and help you find articles you might have missed.

Sunday July 1st

In honor of the most recent red, white and blue holiday, Scrapbooking the Fourth of July is full of great advice for what to capture on film, and what memories you might wish to create layouts about.

Monday July 2nd

For years I have struggled to get that amazing fireworks shot, only to end up with dozens of blurry, out of focus, or ruined photographs. In Digital Cameras, Fireworks Photographs and Scrapbooking, I offer some tips to get that good shot of those festive bursts of color. Follow that advice and you shouldn’t have a problem getting a couple of good shots.

Tuesday July 3rd

Education has always been an important part of who I am. I have spent a great deal of time as a classroom teacher as well as a scrapbook instructor. It didn’t take me long to figure out how to easily combine the two. In a new series on scrapbooking with your children, I will offer tips and advice for scrapbooking with various age groups. In Introducing Scrapbooking to Your Preschooler (1) I gave you the foundation of getting your little one started on a lifelong journey filled with creativity and wonderful family memories.

Wednesday July 4th

Continuing the previous days article, Introducing Scrapbooking to Your Preschooler (2), there is advice on teaching your child to scrapbook, as well as tips for your own education. Remember, preschoolers are learning, and teaching them to have their own style is very much a part of that.

Thursday July 5th

When I turned a friend of mine on to scrapbooking, I brought her to the local scrapbook store with me to get supplies for her to begin with. She was completely overwhelmed and immediately got the impression that scrapbooking was going to be an expensive hobby. But it doesn’t have to be. In the Top Five Basic Scrapbooking Supplies, I list the only items truly needed to successfully scrapbook. Using these items only, can make scrapbooking a frugal hobby while still allowing for creativity.

Friday July 6th

The hot summer days are in full swing, and keeping cool has been a priority. In my quest for coolness, I have begun spending more and more time on layouts, in the hopes of catching up – yeah right. In Scrapbooking Your Summer, I offer tips to preserve those summertime only memories. What is important to your family one year, might not be the next. For instance, last year we were all about the pool. With our upcoming move, we have spent a ton of time this summer out at the lake and haven’t spent any more than one day in the pool this summer.

Saturday July 7th

I really think every scrapbooker is just looking for a 28 hour day so that we can get caught up on our scrapbooking. Is it important to you that every picture you take makes it into an album? Is there an album you can create that requires less creative layout making? If you consider making an Album in a Day, you will probably finish more albums in than every before.

Sunday, July 8th

Because most scrapbookers, can not live with just the typical Top Five Basic Scrapbooking Supplies only, I included the Top Five Intermediate Scrapbooking Supplies. This article is for those scrapbookers who want to take their more basic pages to a different level or make scrapbooking easier.

Watch for more terrific scrapbooking articles coming up this week, found only in the scrapbooking blog!