Scrapbooking Week In Review for June 11th to June 17th

The Scrapbooking Week In Review is full of the latest and greatest scrapbooking articles, posted in the past week in the Scrapbooking Blog. You can find information on so many different techniques, tips, information, and ideas, so your scrapbooking can go to the next level. This is what has been going on this week in the scrapbooking blog.

Monday June 11th

Beginning the week as usual, is the Week in Review for June 4th to June 10th. You can find the articles that were posted that previous week, just as you can with this one.

Next, due to my own children visiting the dentist, is a great article filled with ideas for Scrapbooking Your Dentist Visit.

Tuesday June 12th

Organizing scrapbooking monthly kits can be difficult. In this two part series, you can learn more about how to organize them, and the best ways to use them up.

Organizing Your Kits from Scrapbooking Clubs (1)

Organizing Your Kits from Scrapbooking Clubs (2)

Wednesday June 13th

With the past weekend of Father’s Day, I gave you some ideas for creating Scrapbooking Gifts for Father’s Day. While this article was primarily prompted by the Father’s Day holiday, the gift ideas can be used anytime of year. I hope the dad in your life had a great one.

Thursday June 14th

As an avid reader, I love it when my passion for scrapbooking can cross with my love for reading. In my Book Review of Scrap Everything by Leslie Gould, I share with you the newest book out for scrapbook lovers and readers.

Friday June 15th

In Remembering The Memories, there is some great advice on how to immediately preserve memories as they happen, so you don’t forget a thing.

Saturday June 16th

Many scrapbookers ask “Why Do I Need a Disposable Camera?”, this article helps you to understand the important of carrying one with you to various locations and events.

Sunday, June 17th

The articles on Tuesday, and the fact that I am asked often about it, inspired Sunday’s article on How I Organize My Monthly Kits.

Look for more great tips and articles coming up this week, found only in the scrapbooking blog!
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